Job Market Paper
 Dial 911 For Murder: The Impact of 9-1-1 on Homicide Rates. with Thomas Stratmann, (2016). (JPE)

Dissertation at George Mason University (2015)
The Impact of Emergency Services on U.S. Homicide Rates
The Impact of Basic 9-1-1 on Reporting Crime
Moral Hazard in Health Care: A Misdiagnosis

Masters Thesis
Advisor Induced Demand and Moral Hazard in the Third-party Payer System, Masters Thesis, SJSU.Thomas, David Chandler (2012).

          Can Sticky Consumption Cause Business Cycles? with James McClure, (2016) (RAE)
          Betting on the Bulbs: Tulipmania as a Historical Case of Sequestered Capital with James McClure, (2016). (FHR - Forthcoming)

Papers in Submission
Moral Hazard in Health Care: A Misdiagnosis.
    With David Henderson, (2016). (JRI)

    With James McClure (2017) (Under Review at the Southern Economic Journal)

New-Product R&D: The Earliest Stage of the Structure of Capital
With James McClure (2017) (Under Review at the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics)

Hayek's Price Fan Simile: Roundaboutness, the Proliferation of Prices, and the Economy of Knowledge
    (2017) With James McClure (Under Review at History of Political Economy)

Working Papers
    With James McClure

Works in Process
The Parliamentary Process of Investment Banking: A Comparison of the Private vs. Political Investment Process (2017).
Toward a Theory of Sequestered Capital: Entrepreneurial Swarming, Error, and Creative Destruction, with James McClure (2016).
Network Effects on Unemployment
Surviving Weather: Efficient Allocation of Emergency Services in Periods of Cold and Precipitation. with Thomas Stratmann (2017).
Venture Roulette: Empirical Predictions of Entrepreneurial Performance, (2017).

Textbook in Process
The Entrepreneur in the Economy: An Introduction to Entrepreneurial Economics. with Gayle Bradshaw Thomas (2017).

Book Reviews
A Priceless Review, (2012). A book review of Priceless, a book by John Goodman.
All the Incentives Are Here, (2012). A book review of the Bethany McLean and Joe Nocera 2010 book, All the Devils Are Here.
A Risky Theory of Business Cycles, (2010). A review of Risk and Business Cycles, a book by Tyler Cowen.

Other Publications
Channels 2.0: Delivering and Deploying On Demand Solutions, Thomas, David Chandler. (2008), Faqtors Consulting.
Method and Apparatus for Providing Security for Computer Software, Thomas, David Chandler (1984), United States Patent and Trademark Office. Washington, DC. (May. 1984).