Dr. Thomas holds a PhD in Economics from George Mason University (GMU) and earned his BA and MA in Economics from San Jose State University (California State University). His primary research is in public health economics and business cycles. He currently works as an Assistant Professor of Economics (tenured track) at Ball State University in Indiana and as Managing Director of Faqtors Consulting. He is also a serial entrepreneur who, over the past thirty years, has founded and led several successful tech companies raising more than $75 million dollars in seed, strategic, and venture capital. His most recent effort, Intacct, based in Silicon Valley, is one of the leading software as a service (SaaS) companies and was recently acquired by Sage Software for $850 million dollars. In recent years, Dr. Thomas has represented the tech industry as Executive Director of the Software Industry Association and EVP of Business Development for TechAmerica. David is married to Gayle Bradshaw Thomas and is the father of five and the grandfather of ten.


Dr. Thomas in front of the stone currency (the fei) of the Island of Yap. Picture taken in Smithsonian.